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User Pool Authenticating with a username and password

I explain how the basic authentication with a username and password works. I explain what aliases are and how we can use them. I also show how the account confirmation/verification works. The examples will be explained using an actual User Pool we will be able to create using CDK. All of the source code is available on GitHub. As always, the repository contains a Docker configuration for Visual Studio Code.

User Pool The basics

In this post, I want to tell you a few things about User Pools. I will describe what a User Pool is and how it works in separation (without connection to an Identity Pool). I will create a simple pool and use AWS CLI to sign a user up, in, and out. I will also describe what it means to sign a user in and what's all about those tokens you receive at the end of the sign-in process. You will also find here a CDK application you can deploy to follow along.