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Integrating with Aarogya Setu Open API on AWS to ensure a safe workspace

This post walks you through an example application that can fetch a person’s COVID-19 risk status from ASetu. It can act as reference of how to integrate your own visitor management system with ASetu using AWS services.

The Indian government announced the Open API Service from Aarogya Setu (ASetu) in August, 2020. It enables organizations and business entities to fetch the COVID-19 risk status of their employees or any other ASetu app users.

Workshop using Amazon Cognito for serverless consumer apps

In this workshop, you learn how to build a serverless customer-facing microservices application demonstrating end-to-end authentication and authorization using Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and all things AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). You have the opportunity to build an end-to-end functional app with a secure identity provider showcasing user authentication patterns.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 2 hours

How to integrate Amazon Cognito with Duo MFA

In this blog post, I show you how to use Amazon Cognito custom authentication flow to integrate Duo MFA into your sign-in flow and offer a wide range of MFA options to your customers. Some second factors available through Duo MFA are mobile phone SMS passcodes, approval of login via phone call, push-notification-based approval on smartphones, biometrics on devices that support it, and security keys that can be attached via USB.

Getting Started with Amazon Cognito

This tech talk will start by showing how you get going with Cognito, adding it to your application through frameworks like AWS Amplify. We'll then follow up with showing how Amazon Cognito integrates with the broader set of AWS services including Amazon API Gateway, AWS Application Load Balancer, AWS Security Token Service and others to provide you with a complete authentication and authorization solution for your application.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to initially configure Cognito and add it to an application
  • See how Cognito normalizes native and federated identities
  • Discover how Cognito integrates easily with adjacent AWS services